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Small Business

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    Small businesses can range from grocery stores to family operated businesses. This page will help the user identify first glance opportunities that may be associated with a small facility. Many times there will be unique opportunities that are exclusive to the type of facility that is visited. These can be as simple as updating an old piece of equipment.

    Small facilities typically use higher percentages of their energy on lighting and HVAC systems compared to other facilities. Depending on the climate of the location, there may be a significant percent of energy being used on heating.

    Common Opportunities

    Upgrade Current Lighting System

    As stated above, lighting can be a significant percentage of small business energy use. Making sure that proper lighting system practices are in place can be a good energy saver for these facilities. There are also many incentives available for lighting projects. 

    See incentives:  http://energytrust.org/commercial/incentives/equipment-upgrades-remodels/LightingAndLightingControl/LightingandLightingControl/

    Opportunity:  Install motion sensing in appropriate areas.

    Identify:  Are any lights currently using motion sensor control? Are there areas where lights are left on for excessive amounts of time without being occupied? 

    Savings:  Savings come from electrical energy consumption being reduced when lighting hours are reduced. There are also maintenance benefits associated with less use. 


    Opportunity: Install more efficient lighting

    Identify: What are the types of current fixtures? Is there any incandescent lighting? Are there any areas where lighting could be reduced because of high ambient lighting?

    Savings: Savings come from a reduction in electrical energy consumption from less power use.

    See:  http://eeref.engr.oregonstate.edu/Opportunity_Templates/Lighting_Analysis_Tool_(LAT)


    Improve Refrigeration System

    To see a list of refrigeration savings opportunities in industrial systems, view the industrial walkthrough checklist PFD at the bottom of this page. While refrigeration systems are not exclusive to small businesses, most small facilities will use packaged chillers. These chillers can have modifications made to them that increase the efficiency of these units and how they operate. 

    Opportunity: Add control schemes.

    IdentifyHow are the condensing fans and compressors controlled? This may be indicated by cut-in and cut-out controls located on the compressors. If there is a fan control, it will be located on the compressors or another place in the unit. If the fans are not controlled separately from the compressors, there may be opportunities to install a separate control unit. 

    SavingsElectrical energy savings will be obtained by only operating fans when cooling load is demanded. This will also have positive impacts on savings from reducing compressor lift. 


    Opportunity: Adjust current set-points.

    IdentifyBased off the control schemes, what are the current compressor suction and discharge set-points? What are real time pressures of the compressor suction and discharge? If the suction is unnecessarily low or the discharge is above the minimum condensing temperature for that day there may be opportunities to reset these.

    SavingsElectrical energy savings arise from reducing lift across compressors.

    See: http://eeref.engr.oregonstate.edu/Opportunity_Templates/Refrigeration_Discharge_Pressure

    See: http://eeref.engr.oregonstate.edu/Opportunity_Templates/Refrigeration_Suction_Pressure

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