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    The purpose of this guide is to introduce the user, both technical and non-technical, to common opportunities that may be found in an agricultural facility or a small business to reduce the energy consumption. It has not been developed as a sole reference to support the user in completing an analysis; but it has been developed to be an aide in the first and perhaps most critical step in performing an audit: touring the facility and quickly identifying energy savings opportunities. For the technical user this guide can help determine where to focus their effort for a detailed energy audit. For the non-technical user this guide will assist them in developing a list of potential energy saving opportunities to refer to qualified personnel for additional study. This guide may also be used as a checklist when conducting a phone survey with a facility to determine whether or not a detailed energy audit is necessary.

    This walkthrough is broken up into 3 different sections: wineries, breweries, and small businesses. The purpose of different sections is to highlight specific opportunities that commonly arise in these different areas of production.

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