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    This section provides a checklist of things to look for while at the facility . It provides an overview of the major <energy system> energy opportunities. It is designed to help assure that major savings opportunities are addressed, and to help identify areas on which to focus more detailed analysis.


    • Check for close proximity to major energy users
      • This is especially important when a solar thermal system is being considered as the heat transfer fluid will have to piped to site at which is required.  Any uneccessary piping will increase heat losses, pressure losses while also increasing implementation costs.
    • Check for large unubstructed areas
      • Rooftops
        • Check for structural inegrity as a solar system will place a additional load on roofing structures
        • Check for vents, HVAC systems, or other objects that may need to be accessed on a regular basis
      • Fields
        • Check for a level surface as the area will most likely be cemented to avoid plant growth underneath panels


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