Lighting Analysis Tool (LAT)

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    • Change Lm to kLm on the Total Lumens calculation. 
    • Build in incremental cost option.
    • Make negative value format consistent, use - not ()
    • Add LED lighting specs
    • Add a bunch of good technology backgrounds in the narrative people can pull from
    • Look into lumen depreciation over the life of the bulb when comparing light levels
    • Look into fixture efficiency and have a note that not all fixture are created equally regarding this
    • Add option for energy savings due to reduce heat load for refrigerated spaces
    More of dexter observations (from working with the new sheet):
    <deep breath>
    • The incremental cost equation had several issues.
      • First, the materials cost had a replacement fraction in the qeuation. It shouldn't be in the calculation
      • Second, there are two possible times that it makes sense to do the incremental replacement either when the lamp burns out or the ballast fails. The material cost can not include both the ballast cost and bulb cost.
      • Third the cost savings for incremental is exactly same as regular implementation. again no replacement fraction in the calc.
    • The fixture data table needs to be update badly!!! The current bulb costs are much lower for flourescent tubes as well as metal halide bulbs. We need to check on fixture cost as well.
    • The summary table had not been updated
    • The narrative needs to updated to the new sheet width.
    • The last line of the power and energy section of the analysis titled, "total energy consumption" needs to be the correct formats using the calc format for the numbers as well as the title of the line being a "Heading 4"
    • There are some spaces in front of some line titles that need to be removed as well as some numbers that need to be rejustified.
    • The narrative needs equations in the proposal as well as the recommendation.

    More changes

    • change narrative table titles to updated format.
    • update the report data export sheet to new format so that it will work withthe database.
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