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    Opportunity Templates/Waste Compactor1 Sep 2015 18:11comment #1 added
    Opportunity Templates/Efficient Pumping1 Sep 2015 18:05comment #1 added
    Opportunity Templates/Efficient Belt Drives1 Sep 2015 17:57comment #2 added
    Opportunity Templates/Heat Exchanger1 Sep 2015 17:55added 'heat exchanger.xlsx'
    Opportunity Templates/Forklift Conversion1 Sep 2015 17:50comment #1 added
    Opportunity Templates/Refrigeration Suction Pressure1 Sep 2015 17:46comment #2 added
    Opportunity Templates/Refrigeration Discharge Pressure1 Sep 2015 17:41comment #2 added
    Opportunity Templates/Flash Steam Recovery1 Sep 2015 17:29comment #1 added
    Opportunity Templates/Building Day Lighting1 Sep 2015 17:22comment #2 added
    Opportunity Templates/High Speed Door1 Sep 2015 17:14added 'Install High Speed Doors.xlsx'
    Opportunity Templates/Efficient Fan Blades1 Sep 2015 17:05comment #3 added
    Opportunity Templates/Boiler Fan VFD Controls1 Sep 2015 16:59added 'Boiler Fan VFD with O2 Controls.xlsx'
     Opportunity Templates/Solar Thermal Heating (Flat-Plate)1 Sep 2015 16:10added 'solar_thermal.recommendation.xlsx'
     Opportunity Templates/Photovoltaic Array1 Sep 2015 16:01added 'photovoltaic_array.recommendation.xlsx'
     Opportunity Templates/Lighting Analysis Tool (LAT)11 Jun 2015 19:01added 'Lighting Analysis Tool.xlsx'
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