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Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing

    Sector Primer

    Industries in the Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing subsector manufacture beverages and tobacco products. The industry group, Beverage Manufacturing, includes three types of establishments: (1) those that manufacture nonalcoholic beverages; (2) those that manufacture alcoholic beverages through the fermentation process; and (3) those that produce distilled alcoholic beverages. Ice manufacturing, while not a beverage, is included with nonalcoholic beverage manufacturing because it uses the same production process as water purification. The industry group, Tobacco Manufacturing, includes two types of establishments: (1) those engaged in redrying and stemming tobacco and, (2) those that manufacture tobacco products, such as cigarettes and cigars.

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    Common Opportunities

    Following is a list of common opportunities found at Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing operations detailing general information about each opportunity, as well as an analysis based on an annotated and referenced spreadsheet.

    Additional Resources

    Following are additional resources regarding energy efficiency in the Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing sector.








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