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    Sector Primer

    In recent years the agricultural sector has seen significant growth in energy service needs.  Agricultural operations can use various technologies and resources to help reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact while improving their financial situation.  This page is designed to help managers of a wide range of agricultural operations identify and quantify savings available for various actions and technologies in their particular sector. 



    Sub Sectors

    Following is a list of common sub sectors assoicated with the agricultural sector.
    Animal Production
    Crop Production
    Forestry And Logging

    Common Opportunities

    Following is a list of common opportunities found at agricultural operations detailing general information about each opportunity, as well as an analysis based on an annotated and referenced spreadsheet.

    Additional Resources

    Following are additional resources regarding energy efficiency in the agricultural sector.







    Additional Information

    Average Utility Costs (collected from EEC agricultural reports, 7/2009-05/2010)

    • Electricity: $0.0671/kWh

    • Electrical Demand: $5.29/kW

    • Natural Gas: $10.487/MMBtu



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