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Low Pressure Irrigation

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    Facilities meeting one or more of the following criteria may benefit from this opportunity.

    • Pump runs at pressures above 50 psi
    • Irrigation systems utilize high pressure impact sprinklers
    • Irrigation systems utilize linear or pivot systems



    Many pivot irrigation system utilizes a high pressure impact sprinkler system to deliver water to the field.  This is not a efficient method for delivering water to a field.  A more energy efficient system uses low pressure drop down nozzles that require less pressure to operate at the same flow rate as conventional sprinklers. These low pressure systems can operate at pressures as low as 15 - 20 psi without reducing flow resulting in reduced pump loads. Variable speed drives (VSD), are able to change how a pump operates based on an adjustable parameter such as pressure, resulting in significant energy and demand savings.  The VSD will also soft start the motor by slowly ramping it up to full speed instead of doing it instantaneously.



    These templates are excel based spreadsheets that quickly and easily help users quantify energy savings, cost savings, implementation costs, and payback.  The excel spreadsheets then automatically write a professional looking report for users to utilize as they see fit.



    Following is an example of a recommendation prepared with this tool:

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