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Isolate Unused Ends

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    Facilities meeting one or more of the following criteria may benefit from this opportunity.

    • Large portions of greenhouses unused yet still heated



    Un-insulated or poorly insulated walls are a significant source of energy loss in any greenhouse. Temperature differentials between the walls and surroundings act as a driving force for conductive heat transfer between these bodies. The rate of this conductive heat transfer is directly proportional to the magnitude of the temperature differential. This differential creates a steady energy stream exiting the greenhouse, requiring the boiler to consume more energy to replenish the lost heat. Currently there are unused ends in the greenhouse that are not being used for production.  These ends are still being heated and causing an additional heat loss and load on the boiler.  By isolating these ends with a wall of insulation, heat loss will be dramatically decreased thus saving energy and increasing available heat, improving the efficiency of the system.



    These templates are excel based spreadsheets that quickly and easily help users quantify energy savings, cost savings, implementation costs, and payback.  The excel spreadsheets then automatically write a professional looking report for users to utilize as they see fit.



    Following is an example of a recommendation prepared with this tool:

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