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Boiler Tune

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    Facilities meeting one or more of the following criteria may benefit from this opportunity.

    • Facilities boiler has not been tuned in over a year



    Ideally, a boiler would use just enough combustion air to burn all of the fuel, with no excess air. Excess air carries heat up the stack and reduces boiler efficiency. However, all burners require some excess air to ensure complete combustion. We assume that you can operate your boiler with 4.0% excess oxygen (O2). Depending on the boiler and control strategy it could be  possible to reduce excess oxygen below 4.0% for additional savings, although care must be taken to ensure combustibles (unburned fuel) and carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations do not rise to unacceptable levels.



    These templates are excel based spreadsheets that quickly and easily help users quantify energy savings, cost savings, implementation costs, and payback.  The excel spreadsheets then automatically write a professional looking report for users to utilize as they see fit.



    Following is an example of a recommendation prepared with this tool:

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