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Boiler Fan VFD Controls

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    Facilities meeting one or more of the following criteria may benefit from this opportunity.

    • Boiler has damper or inlet vane controls on the forced draft or induced draft fan
    • Boiler has excess oxygen above 4.0%



    Some boilers use an outlet damper on the forced draft (FD) fan to control the flow of air entering and exiting the boiler. Partially closed dampers are inefficient because significant power is required to overcome the added flow resistance. Variable Speed Drives work by varying fan impeller speed instead of restricting airflow. When a small amount of air is required, the VSD slows the motor down to produce the required airflow while using the smallest amount of energy possible. Likewise, it will increase motor speed as more air is demanded by the boiler.



    These templates are excel based spreadsheets that quickly and easily help users quantify energy savings, cost savings, implementation costs, and payback.  The excel spreadsheets then automatically write a professional looking report for users to utilize as they see fit.



    Following is an example of a recommendation prepared with this tool:

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