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Anaerobic Digester

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    Facilities meeting one or more of the following criteria may benefit from this opportunity.

    • Produce large quantities of unused organic waste



    Anaerobic digesters use bacteria and heat in an oxygen free environment to convert volatile manure into usable methane gas.  The digestion of manure occurs in four basic stages; hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis, and methanogenesis. It is the last stage in which volatile methane gas is produced; therefore, it is important for the digester to have an appropriate manure retention time to allow the manure to fully decompose.  There are many different types of digester systems available. We recommend a plug flow digester designed to operate in the mesophilic range of 95oF– 105oF, but 95oF- 98oF is ideal, with manure solid concentrations between 11 and 14 percent.



    These templates are excel based spreadsheets that quickly and easily help users quantify energy savings, cost savings, implementation costs, and payback.  The excel spreadsheets then automatically write a professional looking report for users to utilize as they see fit.



    Following is an example of a recommendation prepared with this tool:

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