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Energy Efficiency Reference

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    This Energy Efficiency Reference (EER) is provided as a service of the Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center (OSU EEC). It is intended to help users identify and quantify opportunities to improve efficiency in the Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Institutional and Residential sectors. (Disclaimer)

    Content in this section is moderated by the Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center (OSU EEC). In January 2010 the OSU EEC adopted a formal process of converting recommendations developed specifically in the course of performing regional assessments to general opportunity templates for future use within and outside of the center.


    Opportunity Templates:  As recommendations are developed in the process of OSU EEC activities, generic template versions will be posted to this reference.


    Assessment Checklists:  As time and funding permits and a critical mass of templates accumulates, sector based checklists will be developed for use during walk through assessments to help identify potential opportunities and any associated templates that might be applied in an analysis.



    This reference is being developed as part of numerous other projects funded through multiple sources including:


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